Tenuta san giovanni

Tenuta San Giovanni

The San Giovanni estate can be found in Olevano, just 45 km from Milan, and 35 km from Pavia. The buildings from the 1700's and 1800's have preserved the typical rural architectural characteristics of the Lombard farms thanks to a fantastic restoration. Dive back into a minimal chic environment, it's the best place to organize private events for business or just relax. You'll experience guided tastings in the Corte di Leone by chef Fabrizio Ferrari and sommelier and owner, Cristiana Sartori. The estate has produced organic rice since 1999, including varieties like Carnaroli and Black Lomellina Otello, and the latest Red Ermes. All products are available in the selling point.

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Kontakte Hersteller/Verkaufsstellen Tenuta San Giovanni Via Umberto I 11 27020 Olevano di Lomellina 0384/51093 info@leonedilomellina.it
  • Closing day: Lunedì

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